Veg & Fruit

Veg & Fruit

Every veg, salad and herb is trialled in Sarah's garden and cooked and eaten in her kitchen. We only include varieties that are easy to grow and delicious tasting.

Seed orders delivered for £2.50! All other products delivered for £4.95

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Veg, Salad, Herbs and Fruit at Sarah Raven

All our veg, salads, herbs and fruits are trialled and tested at Perch Hill to ensure maximum taste, reliability and productivity. To find out what to sow this month, visit our Seeds to Sow Now section, select the month and then select the vegetable, salad or herb section.

We send out a free instruction booklet with every order - a brilliant step-by-step guide to great results in your garden.

Be sure to browse through our Seasonal Recipes for inspiration on how to cook up your homegrown produce.