Sowing & Growing

Our aim is to make the sowing and growing of your plants, flowers, veg, salad and herbs as simple, enjoyable and as productive as possible, with our various methods and different types of sowing and growing kit, to help get you started.  

We always sow our sweet peas and beans into Rootrainers first, and we have a range of sizes of Rootrainers, including a Low Maintenance Rootrainer, which comes with a capillary matting to place in the base tray, meaning you can water less. 

Other helpful sowing and growing kit are Coir Jiffy Pellet Trays and Refills, our Sweet Pea Tubes to start them off and Sweet Pea Pots to move them into. In addition, we have a great range of pots and saucers, including our Plant-Fibre Pots which are eventually biodegradable, and make a great alternative to plastic pots. To really help tiny seedlings along, our Propagator Sets are a great idea. 

In terms of the soil, we sell Peat-free Compost, Strulch, Soil Improvers and Organic Fertilisers. And to top it all off, we have Cloches and Grow Tunnels with Fleece in a range of sizes and lengths. 

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