Drought Resistant Plants

With climate change making hotter, drier summers more likely in the UK, adding some drought resistant plants to your borders can be a good way to keep your garden looking full of life whilst you wait for the rain to return. Often native to South Africa or the Mediterranean, drought resistant plants are naturally suited to surviving in arid environments and require minimal watering, making them an ideal low-maintenance choice for hot summers. Most of these drought tolerant varieties will require some extra care and watering when first planted, but once established they won't need much attention, saving you time on watering.

Browse our selection of our favourite drought resistant plants to add to your garden in the border or a pot. Many of these varieties are popular with bees and butterflies too, providing nourishing nectar for pollinators when other plants and flowers may have wilted. In a time of hosepipe bans and parched grass, your garden doesn't need to suffer, keep things looking lush and interesting by adding colour and texture with our drought resistant plants

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