Pots & Plant Stands

Choosing the right pots, containers and plant stands for your plants is incredibly important and it can also be a lot of fun.

Just as lighting can make a huge difference to a space, and really show it off, be it interior or exterior; plant pots, plant stands, containers and plant theatres will display your plants and flowers in the best possible way, ensuring you get the most enjoyment and pleasure from them!

Some plants - primulas and polyanthus, look great grouped together en masse, so the three-tier Auricula Stand is perfect for these plants. The same is true of more delicate plants, like snowdrops and violas, grown in small terracotta pots. 

Other larger pot and plant stands can be seen more as feature pieces, such as our Plant Theatre and Classic Plant Theatre. 

For dotting around the garden, we have a wide range of pots and containers, and our Zinc Planters of various shapes and sizes are made of galvanised steel with a zinc coating, meaning they will weather well, and even take on a rusted aged appearance over time, to make it seem as though they’ve always been part of the garden. 


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