Create a magical woodland with our range of garden ferns. With their intricate foliage and interesting texture, ferns make a wonderful addition to shady borders and corners of the garden. Outdoor ferns can also be a great choice for softening urban gardens and creating the lush effect of a tropical jungle or a shaded woodland glen. We are adding more and more ferns to our range; they're easy to grow, require little maintenance and are fantastic for adding impact to garden borders. Some fern plants are deciduous, with fronds that fade away in autumn to re-emerge in the spring, whilst others are evergreen and can be a great way to create year-round interest. Known for growing in dappled shade, there are some garden ferns that will also grow in sun, but almost all do best in moist, well-drained soil. Browse our range of plants and find the perfect fern to brighten up a dull, shady corner in your garden.

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