Hedging & Coppice Plants

Since arriving at Perch Hill we have planted 750m of hedging, and over the next few years another 3000m is planned, plus 150m to enclose and protect the garden. 
We should all be planting more hedges if we have the room – I’m passionate about them and the huge benefits they bring to gardens of all shapes and sizes. They not only look great with their varying leaf shapes, flowers, and fruits, but are brilliant for providing food, shelter, and nesting sites for wildlife, protecting our gardens from strong winds, as well as helping with carbon capture, flood control and soil erosion – the list is almost endless!
When thinking about your next garden project, make planting a hedge one of the priorities – even just a small area, enclosing a circle, square or triangle can make a massive difference to the biodiversity of your space. The rewards for both you and wildlife will be amazing.

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