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I adore the tulip – in all its shapes, colours and forms with new ones trailled and tested in my garden, Perch Hill every year. And that’s where we also put together all our unique collections, grown, picked and photographed by Jonathan Buckley at Perch Hill. I am a massive fan of narcissus, alluims and hyacinths too, more perennial that the average tulip. We have narcissus planted by the Victorians coming up in a walled garden where I was tonight up on the west coast of Scotland. You can’t get more perennial that that! Have fun choosing your bulbs for the next spring.

I absolutely love this time of year, when the garden is really coming to life and we can plot and plan new colour and planting schemes to revel in as they grow and flower, or produce, right through summer and autumn. There’s everything I want to grow here – all my new and trusty old favourites. I hope you love them too.

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