[Inspiration] Inspiration Page – XM21 Growing Gifts

gift ideas to grow and love

potted hyacinths
in leaf zinc planter

Our elegant, metal leaf-design planter has been potted with highly fragrant hyacinth bulbs

potted paperwhites in
willow basket gift set

Treat a friend or yourself to our potted Paperwhite gift set. The bulbs will be rooted in the pot, topped with real moss and will be delivered in time for Christmas, to flower in the New Year

potted hyacinths in
hammered metal bowl

A beautiful gold-effect shallow metal bowl has been filled with super-fragrant hyacinth bulbs, ready to give

potted amaryllis in
willow basket gift set

Give our pure white, double-flowered amaryllis gift set this Christmas

rosa 'timeless purple' gift set

Give a rose for Christmas; your friend or family member will enjoy it for many years to come

Christmas amaryllis
collection gift box

Three bold and Christmassy red amaryllis bulbs, packed in our beautiful Sarah Raven Gift Box to surprise your family and friends.

narcissus papyraceus
'ziva' for forcing

A pure white, highly fragrant, multi-headed daffodil that makes a classic winter house plant