There is nothing better than pelargoniums to grow in pots in the garden or indoors. Use the scented leaf varieties in cooking, and the flowers for stunning posies.
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    Balcony Pelargonium Collection

    A rich, velvet, sumptuous collection of pelargoniums, with a spiller ('Surcouf'), a thriller ('Marion Saunders') and a stunning filler ('April Hamilton'), which flowers until Christmas in a sheltered spot. This collection contains 1 young plant each of:

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    Bold and Brilliant Pelargonium Collection

    The Bold and Brilliant Pelargonium Collection delivers intense, saturated colour, which I love. They look beautiful in a simple bunch at the garden table. This collection includes 1 young plant each of: Pelargonium 'Ashby' Pelargonium '

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    Pelargonium and Anagallis Collection

    This is a simple and incredibly long-flowering combination for a pot on your terrace. The scent of ‘Lara Starshine’, coupled with the dramatic deep blue, large flowers of Anagallis monellii is a delight – flowering long and hard throughout the summer and into October. This collection…

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    Scented Pelargonium Collection

    I'm obsessed by these four scented-leaf pelargoniums. I pick the foliage for very long-lasting arrangements, use the edible flowers to decorate puddings, and harvest the leaves all the time to use as flavouring. PLUS they look fantastic. This collection contains 2 young plants or 1 x 9cm plant each…

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    The Ultimate Pelargonium Collection

    Over the last 20 years of growing pelargoniums, we have trialled nearly 100. Scented-leaf varieties aside, these are my six favourites. This collection contains 1 young plant each of: Pelargonium 'Lord Bute'

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    Venetian Pelargonium Collection

    This Venetian-flowered collection of pelargoniums includes three incredible velvet-coloured and textured flowers, which you'll want to make into the most fabulous garment. This collection includes 1 young plant each of: Pelargonium 'Lord Bute'

Pelargonium Plants at Sarah Raven

Beautiful, durable pelargoniums which look good right through the year – many even through winter. Just pot your pelargoniums on and plant out as soon as the frosts are over in your area, or have them indoors to cheer up a sunny windowsill.

Full instructions are sent out with all our pelargoniums.