Bringing the outside in...

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The recent stormy weather has left most gardens looking a little worse for wear, at least it has with mine!  High winds have battered our recently installed willow fencing bordering the kitchen garden, and lawns and paths are water logged, highlighting areas of drainage that we need to address in the future.  However, this is certainly nothing compared to other areas of the country, that have seen such devastation, and my heart goes out to all those whose homes and livelihoods have been affected by the flooding.  Everyone has had enough now, so please ‘weather gods’ roll on Spring! Apart from a bit of pottering in my greenhouse, sewing the sweet pea seeds that I had remembered to save from last year’s fragrant abundance, along with some mixed winter lettuce mix, I haven’t done a great deal outside quite yet. 

I always feel at this time of year, that it is just a gentle build up getting seeds ordered and everything ready before it is ‘action stations’, particularly on the seed sowing front! Last autumn we planted several hundred new bulbs, something we like to add to each year in our developing garden.  The promise of their beautiful spring colour lies ahead, as their small heads start to poke through, giving us all optimism for lighter, longer days, and for the garden to come to life. I do love to always have fresh flowers and plants in the house throughout the year, but never more so than throughout the winter months, when we all need a little something to bring the outside in to enjoy, and therefore lifting our spirits.

Heathers and White Cyclamen

At the moment, I am enjoying heathers and white cyclamen within a waterproof wreath on the dining room table.  The wreath was a lovely find at the end of last year at ‘Spirit of Christmas Fair’ in London, and I look forward to changing its look over the changing seasons.  On the coffee table in the sitting room, I have a pretty, delicate ‘Hellebore’ which I bought at our weekly Friday market here in Tenterden, which will be perfect to plant out later in the garden to add to our small but growing collection of these winter beauties.

Hellebore in the sitting room

Another weekly purchase from the market is usually a bunch of cheery tulips, to brighten the kitchen side.

Tulips in the house

Last but not least, is this rather spectacular ‘Amaryllis Belladonna’ with it’s stunning white trumpet blooms that have lasted for so long, something I would like to grow more of next winter.  I do tend to veer towards white flowers and plants in general here at home, but there are some stunning varieties and colours to choose from, so I shall venture in the direction of something a little more bold and exotic next time.

Amaryllis belladonna

Do you enjoy ‘bringing the outside in’ and do you have any special favourite plants and flowers that you love to have at home? 

Wishing you a happy week!