A Parade of Wild Flowers

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I've always loved wildflowers, and this summer has seen an explosion of wildflower planting across the UK, much to my delight, and I'm sure, to the delight of many passers-by.

As the online marketing assistant at Sarah Raven, I am surrounded each day with beautiful photos that everyone sends in to Twitter and Facebook of incredible wildflowers that have been spotted on a verge, or that someone has grown from one of our seed packets inspired by Sarah's TV programme this Spring. It's hard not to feel exceedingly happy when I see some of the entries to our 'Bees, Butterflies and Blooms' photo competition - nature is a marvellous thing, and it's incredible what it can do all by itself without us giving it a helping hand.

The above photo was taken on a holiday in Guernsey a few months back - we were walking by the sea and there were all of these incredible flowers of a variety of colours around me. I've now taken to do that whenever I'm on a walk and there's an abundance of flora. It's lovely to see such prettiness in a little vase on your dinner table at home...

And this wildflower picking can get a little catching - my mother has started doing it too this summer - it brings visitors such joy.

It's been rather wonderful to notice the changes in the hedgerows too, a variety of colours and shades over the last weeks - I'm blessed to live in the countryside, where the farmer's appear to have planted (or perhaps they were always there, and I never noticed) the edges of their fields with wildflowers...

My puppy dog, Bruno, enjoys the wildflowers too - although he'd rather eat them, I'm sure... (the purple reminds me of the beautiful Verbena bonariensis, in a shorter, wilder, more compact way!)

It's good to appreciate the simple beauty of the flowers around us that we don't have to strive to grow. And whenever I take a holiday, I have a tendency to notice other random varieties growing out of stone walls, on the edge of main roads, or in a field somewhere.

When I was in Gozo this year, I was fascinated by the species of wildflowers that grew there - some looking very ornamental, some huge, some tiny, some bright, some pale. But all very pretty and delicate.

Enjoy the wildflowers... and next year, I might even plant a meadow mix in a guerilla style fashion, to make the landscape around me even more abundant.

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