A Listening Walk

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I usually write about food, but having had major work done in my house, my own cooking has been rather lack lustre, we have just had several weeks of dust and chaos and I found myself sticking to old familiar recipes, which I could prepare rapidly between bouts of vacuuming and dusting. Having a dog at a time like this has proved invaluable.  He has needed his daily walk and despite the (almost constant) rain, we have been out, battling the mud and walking, walking, walking.

Crocus Daffodils

I love having the  time to think as we stroll through the water meadows, and the time to listen. Living in a city, you can feel surrounded by noise, even out in Richmond Park or by the river I can hear traffic and aeroplanes.  But taking time to listen more closely can be rewarding.

There is the rustle of a creature in the undergrowth, is it a fox or badger?  We have seen both, in day time, recently.  Above us the squirrels leap from branch to branch, teasing the dog. The crows cackle in tree tops, and if I listen carefully I can here the rapid tap, tap, tap of the woodpecker. Wintering swans and geese fly overhead, with their haunting calls, and an early morning walk can be rewarded with the hoot of an owl.


It's equally rewarding to observe the signs of spring, the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils valiantly fighting through the dreadful weather to put on a bright show, and of course to think ahead to all the wonderful, seasonal cooking I'll be able to do in my new kitchen. I hope you have time to listen on your next walk. 

What can you hear when you are out and about?

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