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welcome wildlife into your garden


wicker hedgehog house 

Keep slugs at bay naturally by encouraging hedgehogs into your garden with our wicker house, providing a safe retreat

aged metal hanging bird bath

This elegantly aged hanging decorative bird bath creates a romantic vintage feel in any garden. Versatile in use making it suitable as either a bird bath or feeder.



squirrel proof bird feeder 

A selective bird feeder prevents squirrels, pigeons or crows from getting to the birdfeed, allowing for smaller birds to effortlessly access the food through the mesh.

Feast for Birds Copper Feeder

feast for birds copper feeder

Lantern Bird Feeder

lantern bird feeder

Camera Nest Box

camera nest box

solitary beehive

Create a welcoming habitat for bees in your garden. Made from durable FSC certified timber, our beehive has holes specifically designed to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason Bee and Leafcutter Bee, so beneficial to the health of your flowers, fruit and veg.


wooden hedgehog house

Gourmet Bird Food in Natural Jute Bag

gourmet bird food


bat box double chamber

top varieties for bees and birds

bring pollinators into your garden

by Sarah Raven


The honeybee is in peril, but every gardener can help by planting pollinator friendly plants in their gardens and allotments.


Gardening, for me, has turned a completely new corner. I used to love it - like cooking - for the disengagement it allows, the absorbing, practical, satisfying, creative parts of gardening that make it the perfect thing to do when you want to cut off from the rest of life. I also love it for rooting me firmly in the time of year and weather.


But I'm seeing it differently now and I think that's probably to do with getting older - with having hung around in gardens for 20 years.


I don't want this to sound too inflated, because after all, it is only a garden, but I am beginning to think of my garden as a contribution to the world. It has - or can have - effects and influences beyond itself.


It is a small patch that I can turn into a dynamo for a richer and healthier landscape, and now is the ideal time to make definite shifts - a New Year's resolution, in fact.