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Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook

Jam-packed with over 450 recipes, exclusively signed by Sarah and featuring beautiful photography by Jonathan Buckley


Whether you're a gardener or a cook, this book will give you lots of new ideas for how to cook veg, herbs, salad and fruit, month by month, right the way through the year.


"One of my dreams is of having a kitchen garden, so that I can cook and eat vegetables as they should taste, and this maybe explains why I am particularly drawn to Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook. It provides enough romantic escapism – since I don't have the luxury of any outdoor space – and yet is of practical purpose, too, in the form of vibrant, inspiring recipes that, with the help of a good greengrocer, I can cook in my urban kitchen, too. This really is a rich compendium of a book" – Nigella Lawson

Garden Cookbook recipes for late summer


greek garden pie

The Greeks make this at the weekend and then eat it cold for breakfast or lunch for the rest of the week. It’s good with a tomato and onion salad


blueberry buckwheat pancakes

Serve for breakfast scattered with blueberries, blackcurrants (now being heralded as even richer in antioxidants than blueberries) or raspberries


summer garden tempura

If you boil purple French beans, they turn a dark grey-green. By dipping them raw and whole into tempura batter and then shallow-frying them, they stay looking fantastic and taste even better



When I worked as a waitress at the River Café, this was one of the first recipes I learnt. Using bread in a salad may seem odd, and you might think it would be heavy, but this is one of the best summer tomato salads

Garden Cookbook recipes for autumn

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spiced aubergine salad recipe

This fragrant salad is lovely served warm as a first course with cucumber raita and flatbread


damson vodka

This recipe can be adapted to the fruit you have to hand. Damsons left after the vodka is strained are perfect to eat with ice cream or yogurt

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quince membrillo

A classic way to eat quince – a paste which is traditionally served with Manchego in Spain