Chrysanthemum Plants

Chrysanths are totally invaluable for starting to flower when everything else is going over and they make fantastic cut flowers, with a vase life of three weeks.
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    Abundant Chrysanths Collection

    This Abundant Chrysanthemum Collection will give you a huge bountiful harvest later in the year. Just as most things go over, these come into flower and look marvellous. Grow them all inside, except for 'Allouise Orange' which can also be grown in the garden. The rooted cutting collection contains…

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    Chrysanthemum 'Allouise Salmon'

    Chrysanths give much-needed bursts of colour in the garden when many other things are beginning to fade. This beautiful, soft coral was a firm favourite last autumn.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Avignon Pink'

    Chrysanthemum 'Avignon Pink' is the late autumn flowering equivalent to the hugely popular dahlia Café au Lait'. This is set to take the gardening world by storm. I absolutely love it!

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    Chrysanthemum 'Bigoudi Red'

    Rich and delicious like the best dark chocolate, ‘Bigoudi Red’ excelled in our trials both outside in the autumn garden and inside in the winter greenhouse. It’s a corker!

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    Chrysanthemum 'Spider Bronze'

    If I was only able to take one Chrysanthemum with me to a desert island it would be ’Spider Bronze’, with a crazy, firework shape and marvellous soft warm colour. I truly love it.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Tula Improved'

    More like something from a rock pool than a garden, I love these stellar flowers; so beautiful as a single stem, a floating flower, or the Queen of a huge vase. They’re hard to beat.

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    Chrysanthemums for Christmas Collection

    Three new found favourite chrysanthemums which we picked together from the garden. I loved them so much, we then lifted them and brought the trio into the greenhouse to replace the tomatoes, where they flowered happily until Christmas. An unmissable threesome. This collection contains:

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    Firecracker Chrysanths Collection

    Great contrast between the rich sea anemone-like flowers of 'Bigoudi Red’ and 'Allouise Orange', next to the crazy firecracker flowers of 'Tula’. Arranged here with scented leaf pelargoniums, all stalwart mainstays as cut flowers for picking autumn to Christmas. I’d be bereft without them.…

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    Harvest Festival Chrysanths Collection

    Gone are the days when chrysanthemums had to be those ugly, formal things with a central golden disc with whorls of petals neatly arranged around their edge. Here you have a bunch of soft-coloured, curvy petalled beauties, all the more invaluable because they flower right through the autumn. And if…

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    Jewel Chrysanths Collection

    This collection includes all my favourite gem-like colours of chrysanthemums, to fill jugs and vases with abundance for the last four months of the year. Grow these chrysanthemums outside or in the greenhouse. The rooted cutting collection contains 1 or 2 rooted cuttings each of: Chrysanthemum 'Ble

Chrysanthemum Plants at Sarah Raven

Outdoor chrysanth varieties are happiest grown in full sun and shelter, in well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter. Indoor varieties can be grown in the garden in 2 litre pots sunk in the ground then lifted to bring into the greenhouse, conservatory or sunny porch when the weather gets cold.

Please read Sarah's article for more information on how to plant and grow chrysanthemums indoors and outdoors.