Wishing You a Very Happy New Year

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I've rather missed the snow of the last two Christmases, but I expect we'll see some before the end of winter.  It does make our 'Breton Dash' easier if the roads are clear. Over the last twelve years we have seen the New Year in, tucked up cosily in our Breton bolt hole.  There is something relaxing about being away from the hurly-burly rush of New Year's in the city. In Brittany the pace of life is slower, there are no crowds rushing to spend in the Sales, instead there is a gorgeous walk on the beach, empty of tourists, just a few hardy locals enjoying the noise of the waves, the wind and the seabirds.

Walk on Breton Beach at New Year's

Breton Beach on New Year's Eve

There are delicious seafood meals to be eaten.  Sometimes we'll pop into a  pretty little bistro in Roscoff, but more often we chose to  eat at home, where the pleasure of cooking freshly caught, simple ingredients enhances the flavours of the food.

Spider Crab

In the evening there are small gatherings of good friends, sharing aperitifs and maybe a festive glass of kir or  bubbly.  Or maybe we'll have a quiet, family evening, chez nous, just  the three of us playing  (another) game of Cluedo, and my husband and I being amazed that  our seven year old has won (again!)

Homemade Damson Gin & Fizz

I treasure this little interlude between the end of one year and the beginning of the next.  This is a precious time in which to think and plan, and most importantly to talk. I hope you are able to find some time to unwind, to take stock and to really enjoy the holidays.

Wishing you a very Happy and Fulfilled 2014.

Thanks for reading Garlic & Sapphire this year! We're so excited about what we have to share with you next year...