When life gives you lemons... bake!

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As soon as the Seville oranges arrived in the shops I bought some and commenced my annual battle with boiling oranges and sugar, attempting to find the correct setting point for a perfect marmalade! 

Marmalade and I do not really get along.  I am always secretly relieved that the oranges have such a short shelf life. Fortunately, lemons are a different matter.  During the last two weeks I have been making all sorts of lemony treats.

Lemons in a Colander

I love making sweetly sharp Lemon Curd.  I often use a recipe from my fellow Garlic and Sapphire blogger, Karen.  Her recipeis superb.

Delicious sweet lemon curd

This month however I used Sarah Raven’s recipe, as it forms part of her Primrose Lemon Curd Cupcakes (Page 87, Food for Friends and Family).  These are a delightfully indulgent treat, and I would recommend them as a perfect gift for Mothering Sunday.  I’m certainly baking some for my mother, and will be taking the remaining Lemon Curd in a pretty jar for her to enjoy too.

Primrose Lemon Cupcake

Cupcake Tower

I also made Sarah’s scrumptious Lemon and Poppy Seed Kugelhopf Cake.  It went down a storm recently when I baked it for some friends and will be featuring at my next book group meeting. Homemade lemonade is a great favourite in my family.  I tend to make a small batch in the morning and find that it’s usually finished within a day.

Homemade Lemonade

I make a simple syrup, using the juice of 4 lemons and 6 oz sugar.  I put both into a small saucepan and warm until the sugar has dissolved, I then decant the syrup into a small jug and once it is cooled it can be diluted with water, perfectly refreshing with a slice of lemon and some ice. So, if you're feeling a little like a zesty spring treat, how about making something with lemons?

And... if you're feeling experimental, why not try growing your own lemon tree!

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