what and how to plant in paving cracks and wall gaps

Why not try planting beautiful flowers in your paving cracks and wall gaps, instead of letting the weeds establish themselves. It’s such a pretty cottage garden look that’s very low maintenance and – if you plant some scented herbs or plants – can add delicious scent to your garden too. If you're after a neat garden, this probably isn't the style for you, but for those that want an informal, relaxed and colourful outdoor space, this is perfect.

Start by making sure there are no perennial weeds already in the gaps. Either remove them by hand or use a weedkiller if necessary.

Then, simply mix your chosen seeds with a little compost, or take small seedlings, and push them into the crevice again with a little compost, and water lightly until established. That's it – they will fend for themselves!

Here are some ideas of plants you could add in between your paving cracks and wall gaps:

Alpines are very happy in small gaps, and are a very pretty addition to the garden. They look right at home filling up these little areas.

If you're still looking for the perfect plant, grab a copy of Sarah's Wild Flowers Book, which will explain the natural place each wildflower will grow... and often, thrive.

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