This year's favourite 'fruity' addition to the garden...

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Have you noticed a change in the air? This last week I most definitely have. Although the weather has finally cheered up after a rather wet and dull August, there is a distinctive nip in the air early morning, and in the evenings now. Autumn has begun, and as my family know, I am very happy.....I love this time of year! I have always embraced the changing of the seasons, and love each one just as much as the others for all their different attributes, but Autumn has a special feeling of anticipation. I am a definite winter baby, so the promise of bonfires, brisk walks, log fires, Christmas on the horizon, and creating delicious comfort food, are what I look forward to most!

Regular readers of my blog 'Sophia Home' will know that my husband and I have developed our garden from scratch over the last five years, since designing and building our home.  What was once an unattractive car park and rough pasture, is gradually turning in to the garden we originally dreamed of creating, after finding our perfect building plot.  It has been a labour of love, and back breaking at times, but as each year passes, things gradually start taking shape. We can only do the hard work of clearing, digging and planting, but mother nature can’t always be rushed, so patience had been key! 

It is at this time of year, that we stand back and take stock of the projects that we have completed over the previous months, and inevitably start planning our new Autumn projects in preparation for next year’s growing season.  Having created a large enclosed productive vegetable garden, this year was the year of the fruit cage!  My husband, having not done any wood work since making a bird table back in the day at junior school, has taken to woodwork like nothing else!  Having created the enclosure for my vegetable garden, there has been no stopping him, and in a plan to create a very large fruit cage for considerably less than buying a large ready made kit, he set to work earlier in the year to create his own.  Several all consuming ‘fruit cage’ project weekends later, the project became a reality!

Not the most beautiful of enclosures so close to the house (he won’t mind me saying!) but once the young hedge planted around the perimeter has grown up, it will become its own room.  And my favourite rooms it has become!  With a wonderful crop already of blueberries, honeyberries, strawberries and raspberries, it has been a favourite early morning destination of mine, in search of a special breakfast to top my morning yoghurt or to whizz up in to a delicious healthy morning green smoothie.

With an abundance of red, black and white currants, gooseberries and the lesser known ‘wineberry’ as seen in the picture below, it really has been the most delicious addition to our garden this year,  and the recent gift of a Kiwi tree is the next anticipated crop for the future!

Have any of you had fun and success growing your own soft fruit this year for the first time?  Perhaps you are an ‘old hand at it’?  Either way, do any of you dear readers have any top tips for success,  or recommendations for any unusual or particularly sweet and prolific varieties of fruit?  I would love to hear from you....

Happy Autumn days!