Sedums…an autumnal treat

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This is my third favourite flower to share with you all... Sedums can be found in abundance in gardens at this time of year, with their clusters of small star-shaped flowers and succulent fat leaves. They may be annuals or herbaceous or evergreen perennials. They generally flower from August through to October and the blooms tend to be mostly pink and mauve but can also be white, blue and yellow.

If you like attracting wildlife to your garden, sedums are very popular with bees and butterflies…and their obvious passion for these plants made taking these pictures a little tricky! Sedums are well-known for their drought tolerance and they love well-drained and fertile soil in a sunny spot.

Personally, I love the architectural interest they add to a border throughout the winter period…with the flower heads starting off as green buds, then bursting into colour before fading. Popular varieties include ‘Autumn Joy’, ‘Matrona’ and ‘Indian Chief’.  There is also a lovely variety called ‘Purple Emperor’ which has plum-black foliage and pink flowers.

In the spring, cut the dead stems down close to the ground after the new growth is safe from late frosts. You’ll also find sedums as a popular cut flower in florist shops at the moment...

And did you know that some types of sedum are used for green roofs?

Thanks for reading!