How to take dahlia cuttings

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Both the pinched out tips and the shoots from the main tuber can be used as cuttings to make more plants. Simply plant up a couple of tubers in a shallow tray, and wait for them to shoot – once they have grown to about 4-5cm, they are ready to be used for cuttings. 

Taking your cuttings

Either with a sharp knife, or squeezed between your thumb and forefinger, remove the main shoots, including a little bit of tuber. 

Remove all but the top pair of leaves.

Insert them into a gritty mix of compost, all the way round the edge of a pot, spaced so that they are not touching – about 3 per 3 litre pot.

Water and place in a warm place, or cover the whole thing with a plastic bag supported on short canes round the edge of the pot and secured with a rubber band.

Put the pot in a propagator on capillary matting (to reduce the need for watering) and leave for 3-4 weeks. They should then have rooted and will then need potting up individually.

When the frosts are over, these can also be planted out in the garden and, by mid-summer, you’ll hardly know mother from daughter.

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