Jewel Garden

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We are currently having a glimpse of how ‘flaming’ midsummer in England can be, and the early summer flowers are blooming away!

We’re currently mid house purchase. It’s been quite a lengthy, untidy process but will ultimately be worth it because we’ll have a real garden. With a bit of lawn, borders and a tree. It’s a small plot but it looks out onto the fields beyond and we can’t wait to actually plant things into the ground.

Until then we’re still filling our pots and window boxes with annuals, perennials, shrubs and seedlings. We have beans growing and herbs and sunflowers. And everything’s looking very colourful right now: Geums, geraniums, lilies, alliums… I’ve always longed for a ‘jewel garden’ like Monty Don has. Rich shades all growing together. Perhaps it’ll happen one day, but in the meantime a profusion of flowering potted plants is doing a perfectly good job of it.

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