How to plant and grow blackcurrants

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Our two year old bushes may not fruit the first year but will provide currants for a good 10 years after that.  You will need some space if planting more than one bush.

Planting time: November to March
Harvest: Mid summer
How to plant out your blackcurrant bush
  • Plant in an open sunny site with plenty of organic matter in the soil, but they will still produce a good yield in a less than perfect position
  • Keep them well watered during their first few months and again during the growing season
  • Prune once a year in the autumn and apply a thick mulch of well-rotted compost (this is especially important with blackcurrants as they require more nutrients) - you can also feed with a general fertiliser in the spring
  • When the fruit starts to change colour, protect from birds by covering in netting

Can you grow blackcurrants in a container pot?

Yes. These can be grown in large containers (minimum diameter 50cm) in John Innes no 3 or multipurpose compost with added grit and plenty of drainage material in the base.

Harvesting blackcurrants

  • Harvest by taking off each bunch of berries with a strong pair of scissors.  Pick your berries when it’s dry – wet currants will go mouldy
  • For jelly, pick them when they are slightly unripe as there is more pectin in the fruit and the jelly should set much better

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