Overwintering dahlias at Perch Hill


We grow hundreds of dahlias in the gardens of Perch Hill, literally hundreds.  Every year and every Spring I get new ones, and I don’t want to chuck any old ones away, so we put more and more in.  I love them.  They are the lowest maintenance plants that we grow with the highest productivity; we pick vases and vases from them, from July until November.

In November we get a frost and as soon as we’ve had one, we then cut them to the ground, put labels where the crown is showing as it’s so easy to forget.  Then we mound them up with a whole bucket of compost, that’s what the domes are in this bed.   Each mound marks the crown of a dahlia.  If you do that and bury them deep, it’s like giving them a duvet for the winter.  In the spring, in April, up they come happy as Larry.

In the meantime we also have narcissi in this bed which are planted below the dahlias and they push their way around the dahlia and then they flower.  You can see some are already beginning to come up in December.  This bed becomes full of narcissi and then dahlias as the season progresses.

The key really is to cover the dahlias in mulch to protect them through the winter.

Happy gardening,