Feed the birds

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Don't you just love this time of year? The short days seem to ensure a slowing down of time, and if you decide not to embrace the mad rush of shopping and entertaining, there is time to enjoy the present.

I love frosty mornings. Once I've walked the dog, I make a cup of coffee and sit at the kitchen table to catch up on emails and the news, but I find I'm quickly distracted, watching the robin on the bird table as he has his breakfast and the little birds tapping at the apple I've hung in the tree.  I can't really resent the plump wood pigeons who appear once the robin has feasted. squashing themselves into a small space and stamping around on the the bird table base.  There's a sudden flurry of grey fur, and a squirrel pushes himself in, stuffing his cheeks full of tiny seeds, all life is here, in my little city garden.

If, like me, you only have a tiny space outside, and growing  more then a few hardy herbs is a challenge, I highly recommend a bird table.  The activity and life in our garden over the last few months has grown, it's a constant theatre and great fun.  We bought a sturdy table of a reasonable height (it needed to be greyhound proof!) I ensure that there is bird seed on the table daily, and I'll put out a shallow dish of water once the weather freezes. 

My daughter and I are planning to make fat balls, using vegetable fats, dried fruits and grains, to hang from the tree for the birds during the coldest months  (we're searching for squirrel baffling  feeders too!) I hope over the next month or so we'll encourage more birds to visit our garden, and that we will be able to join in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch which takes place over the weekend of 24-25 January.

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