Favourite bulbs: Fritillaries

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We have some exciting news here in Lancashire – we’re part way through a house purchase (fingers crossed all goes well) and said house has a garden. A small garden, to be purchased separately from the local farmer, but a garden nonetheless. It has a gate which opens onto fields and much of it is in shade so we’ll have to get creative with our planting.

Naturally, we’ve been counting our chickens before they’ve hatched. We haven’t even signed on the dotted line yet but I’m still stocking up on favourite things to plant and grow. And some of my very favourite things are bulbs: tulips, miniature narcissi, snowdrops, muscari, bluebells… and Fritillaria.

I’ve always loved them; the ‘Snakeshead’ (Meleagris) ones with their pink and white checkerboard effect always spring to mind, but the ones I’ve always really coveted are Fritillaria Imperialis. The burnt-orange variety. They’re well suited to a semi-shady border, as are Fritillaria Uva-Vulpis.

So I bought some. And they’re sitting in pots in our yard, waiting to be planted out once we move. But until then I’m enjoying them and their nodding, bell-like flowers which are even more beautiful when inspected up-close.

There’s a lot to be said for counting your chickens.

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