Every garden needs flowers

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Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me, you sow a tiny seed, water it and help it grow. In return you get plenty of crops or are blessed with the beauty of flowers. Nothing is as satisfying as that first harvest or the first cut flowers that you have raised from a tiny seed months before.

When I first got my allotment I was very adamant on growing some flowers and even though my plot is tiny I managed to squeeze some flowers into the space. There are Sunflowers towering at the back of the wildlife patch, Gypsophila in a large flower pot and Lavender at the end of the path. Not forgetting my two roses, the climbing rose ‘Penny Lane’ and the beautiful purple rose bush called ‘Katies Rose’. My favourite flower however, is called Verbena Bonariensis, it has flowered so beautifully this year and I just love the long slender stems with the tiny clusters of purple flowers.

And of course there’s the flowers that you can eat, I was very excited when I found out you can make salads look prettier by adding edible flowers! I treated myself to Sarah Raven’s edible flower seed mix which contains the seeds of viola, nasturtium, calendula and borage. However, I only got round to sowing the calendula and the nasturtiums due to lack of room on my allotment.

Both the flowers grew incredibly well and they tasted amazing, we added them to salads throughout the summer and everybody loved them. I’m also growing some Dill (Anethum graveolens) in the cabbage bed as a companion plant to keep the cabbage white at bay, but it also tastes great and they also look lovely as a bouquet filler.

Flowers not only look great but they play a very important factor in an allotment garden and in fact the whole world. Many of our crops rely on pollination to grow, as a matter of fact more than a third of our food relies on bees. Not only our food but the crops used as cattle and pig feed will be gone, and if we can’t feed cows then we can say farewell to dairy produce and meat. The cotton plant also depends on pollination so without bees we can wave goodbye to clothing as well. It’s amazing to think that the world depends on this tiny insect, and that without it the world wouldn’t last more than 4 years.

This is why every garden needs flowers.

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