Early Summer in a Bottle

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When the elderflowers bloom in the hedge on our lane, it truly marks in my mind, the beginning of summer. Their distinctive sweet smell reminds me to get picking, and make a good year’s supply of elderflower cordial, which is consumed enthusiastically in our household.

Elderflower growing

Even though our children have flown the nest now, bottles make their way up to London where they are living and working now, along with the odd home grown vegetable bag, as a little reminder of home. You know what we Mums are like!

Making elderflower cordial

One of my favourite recipes is from Sarah’s ‘Garden Cook Book’, which is a not too sweet variety with the lovely citrus addition of oranges, lemons and limes.

Making elderflower cordial

I freeze most of mine in large plastic bottles, not quite filled to the top, and then defrost as and when and decant into other smaller ones for the fridge. The recipe is so simple, and if you have never made your own cordial before, I would urge you to have a go. Get picking soon though, as some flowers are fading fast! Having said that, there is always elderberry cordial to make later on when the flowers turn to berries. That’s if the birds don’t beat you to it!

Check out Sarah's Elderflower cordial recipe online.

Wishing you all a very happy summer!

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