Calm before the storm

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Winter has finally arrived here in Wales. There was a point where I thought we might escape it completely this year but temperatures have plummeted and the ground is hard with frost. There’s little point trying to do anything outside but indoors with a cup of tea and the fire on I am working through my list of things to do.

The seeds have been ordered and big, fat, bulging parcels are now landing on my doormat filled with so much promise of the spring and summer to come. It was like Christmas all over again when a large parcel arrived the other day. Comfrey pellets, seaweed fertiliser, seeds and some bits and pieces for the new greenhouse were all unwrapped. I’ve even got round to ordering my dahlias.

Frosty seedheads

I’m not normally so organised but I’m writing a gardening book this year and need to make the most of my down time from the garden and allotment for planning before a seed sowing frenzy takes over me in March. Certainly growing plants for a book and photo shoots is going to add a degree of frisson to the coming year. I just hope the weather will be kinder to us all. Apart from the book, my other major gardening project for the year ahead is a spot of garden redesign.

The idea is to get a few more plants into the garden that will help to supplement my cutting beds on the allotment. My head is buzzing with ideas, I was even dreaming of walking around a plant nursery the other night. I’m not so sure that is a good thing, plants are definitely becoming a bit of an obsession. It’s hard to get to my computer at the moment as my desk is so full of gardening books and bits of paper with plant names written on them.

snowy trees

I’m certainly hoping I can find a spot for a lilac (Syringa vulgaris). One of my favourite plants, I have to make do at the moment with a smell of a lilac tree on the way to the allotment. When it’s in flower I’ll deliberately take a different route to the plot just so I can drink in its perfume. It would be lovely to have one in the garden. I don’t have a lot of space, so I’ll need to go for a variety that doesn’t get too tall. I love the classic lilac colour but I have spotted a real beauty with creamy flowers called ‘Primrose’ that is currently top of my list.

Sadly, this is my last post for Garlic and Sapphire. I’ve loved writing for the blog. I think there is such a lovely mix of writers on the site and it has been a real pleasure to have the chance to share a little about myself and my allotment and garden. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts and that I might see you over on my blog Wellywoman at some point.

Thanks to Alissa and the team at Garlic and Sapphire for giving me this opportunity.

Best wishes and happy gardening!