Brightening these early new year days!

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So here we are at the beginning of February.....where did January go to?  With the damp chilly weather, short days and post Christmas blues to contend with, January doesn’t seem to be everyone’s favourite month, does it?  Maybe it’s because I am a December baby, but I really don’t mind this time of year too much.....or certainly try my hardest to make the most of the positives that it brings!

I see it as a time to have a good sort out at home and freshen things up.  To do all those jobs that need doing before the lighter days and warmer weather arrives, when we all want to spend as much time as possible outside.  A time to light the candles and cosy up and plan the year’s forthcoming projects, particularly for the garden.  Choosing and ordering seeds, particularly for my vegetable garden is so inspiring for the brighter days ahead.

Father Christmas brought a particularly exciting new addition to our kitchen garden, in the form of thirty Asparagus plants, which we quickly planted while the ground was still soft.  I can hardly wait to pick those first spears of delicious green goodness. Not this May sadly, but roll on 2016’s season!

As the first beautiful Hellebores appear in the garden, I love to pick a few to enjoy in the house.  Enjoying them freshly picked on the table for a day before they start to droop, and then placing their heads in a bowl of water to float, to take in their beautiful colours and lovely markings.

My local Friday market here in Kent, is now full of the beautiful first bunches of tulips.....something I can not resist to bring home, to mark the start of a lovely forthcoming welcome weekend. 

More time inside also gives me the chance to try new recipes, and after the wonderful indulgence of Christmas, that means fresh and healthy!  I have particularly enjoyed this gorgeous ‘Wilted Winter Green Salad’ from Sarah Raven’s ‘Food for Friends and Family’ cookbook. Delicious and so beautiful, with its colours of crimson and green.

What do you love to do, to brighten these early new year days?  I would love to hear!