Allotment Open Day

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By this time of year with spells of sunshine and rain, the allotment is full of lush growth and regular harvests of broad beans, new potatoes and an assortment of summer berries are coming home from every visit. Aside from some successional planting of salad leaves, planning winter crops, watering over dry spells and some weeding, we can more or less leave it to its own devices, enjoy the results of all our hard work and head out for the day… This is the time of year we go off to a neighbouring town's allotment open day.

Perhaps a little bit nosy but there's something really exciting about checking out other people's plots, marvelling at their runner beans twining up various supports (ours aren't ready yet) and swooning over brightly painted sheds (our allotment only allow green) or noting how the pumpkin patch is far more tidy than ours.

One plot has a cutting garden that we aspire to do at our own next year; rows of pink and red dahlias, feathery cosmos and sunflowers smiling as I pass, perhaps a shade of smugness in their seeded faces. A wall of sweet peas with a fragrance that fills my heart with summery joy leads to a gathering of tables laden with jars of homemade jams, jellies and pickles. A perfect way to encapsulate another allotments goodness to take home for tea.

I may not be part of this particular allotment group but as a fellow grower I am welcomed into the fold straight away and indeed even if you are not yet part of the community, these open days are a fantastic way to learn more and maybe get your name down on the list. After admiring perfect rows of potatoes and raised beds of beetroots peeping above the soil, we were proudly presented with a bag of veggies by a kind gent to take home – sometimes you just grow so much that it is good to share.

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Today's guest post comes from Sam at the beautiful blog, Happy Homebird.