A year in my cutting garden - May

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Guest blogger Julie has begun taking note of the monthly happenings in her Cutting Garden, this week she talks us through May...

I am so excited to be here with the first of my regular posts about my Cutting Garden for the Sarah Raven blog. Last year I started to take a monthly look at the goings on in my Cutting Garden on my own blog and I am delighted to be bringing that review to the Garlic & Sapphire readers for 2016.

May is the month when I plant out all the annuals that I have overwintered in my greenhouse for lovely early summer flowers. Inside the greenhouse I will be starting off zinnias, asters, cosmos and snapdragons to plant out in June...

Outside the tulips are coming to an end – from mid April to mid May there are plenty to choose from. Although it is sad to see the tulips go in another week or so the stunning allium Purple Sensation will be in flower.

The biennials sown last June are starting to flower – honesty is the first and will be followed by sweet rocket, sweet williams and foxgloves.

My sweet pea seedlings were planted out towards the end of April and will soon be growing up these supports.


The peonies in the peony cutting bed are growing strongly. Towards the end of May I will wind string between the wooden posts to provide support for these top heavy flowers.

Foraging in the garden in May is a very fruitful experience with beautiful shrubs and vines to pick from. There is lilac, spirea and the snowball viburnum in flower and lovely honeysuckles and clematis providing plenty of cutting material to support my spring flower arrangements.

I will be back in June to share the many flowers that will be making an appearance by then with you.

Thanks for reading!

Living a rural life in Suffolk with her family and a variety of pets, Julie King shares her flower growing and gardening experiences in words and photographs at www.peoniesandposies.com.