Episode 152 - Show Notes & Advice


episode 152 | show notes & advice

episode description

Join Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson as they reflect upon what they cherished most in their gardens this year, and what they’ll explore in 2024 - from sowing more stunning sweet peas, to taking a wonderfully wildlife-focused view on the garden.

In this episode, discover

  • Sarah and Arthur’s New Year Resolution.
  • The simple pleasure of gardening for health & wellbeing
  • Arthur’s joy of sweet peas. 
  • Sarah and Adam’s plans to increase biodiversity at Perch Hill

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Episode 152 advice sheet

Gardening for Mental-Health & Wellbeing (3:04)

Sarah and Arthur agree that their number one New Year’s Resolution is to spend more time enjoying their gardens, and growing things that bring them joy and peace. 

Sarah shares how creating her own small patch of garden just for herself to manage and tend to, brought her pleasure and reward during dim winter evenings. She highlights gardening’s importance for longevity, mobility and quality of life. 

Sowing Sweet Peas (9:53)

Sarah and Arthur discuss their techniques for sowing sweet peas, including using root trainers and protecting from slugs as well as highlighting their current favourite complementary plants including cobaea and antirrhinums.

Gardening for wildlife (14:33)

Sarah reveals her and her Husband Adam’s plans to record and analyse Perch Hill’s biodiversity over 30 years to make it more wildlife and bird-friendly. 

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