Episode 151 - Show Notes & Advice


episode 151 | show notes & advice

episode description

Welcome back to “grow, cook, eat, arrange” and a very Merry Christmas to you all! In this festive episode, Sarah welcomes back Arthur Parkinson to dive into the enchanting world of Christmas decorating. 

They offer a plethora of creative ideas to bring warmth and joy to your home during the winter months. 

In this episode, discover

  • Arthur’s clever use of mirror to double the impact of your decor
  • Sarah’s creative use of Allium heads as Christmas tree ornaments
  • How to create a unique scent using natural ingredients from the garden
  • Techniques for forcing hyacinths indoors to ensure a longer flowering period
  • Sarah & Arthur’s own Christmas seasonal plans!

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Episode 151 advice sheet

Christmas Decorating Ideas (1:17)

Arthur shares his Christmas decorating tips, including using mirrors for double the impact. Sarah emphasises the importance of lights in her garden, particularly fairy lights, pea lights, and solar lights, for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere during the winter months.

Drying & Decorating Flowers for Christmas (5:09)

Sarah discusses using Allium heads as Christmas tree decorations, sharing her favourite sizes and how she preserves them for shipping. She discusses her love for growing and arranging straw flowers, including using silver birch branches and bracken to create a natural and atmospheric display. Sarah also mentions her interest in perfume and suggests using natural ingredients from the garden to create a unique scent.

Forced Bulbs for Christmas Decorations (11:50)

Sarah Raven shares her technique for forcing hyacinth bulbs indoors for a longer flowering period, including planting them in pots and not watering them again once they've flowered. She emphasises the importance of not watering the bulbs again after planting them in the bowl, as it can lead to rot and a shorter flowering period.

Christmas Display Ideas (16:56) 

Arthur creates a tiered "wedding cake" of paperwhite narcissus in small pots, using a larger pot as a supporting structure, for a natural and festive Christmas display. Sarah Raven emphasises the importance of candles in her Christmas décor, using different colours and textures to create a rich and seasonal atmosphere.

Christmas Day & New Year (20:39)

Sarah and Arthur discuss their Christmas plans and New Year resolutions.

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