[Inspiration] Inspiration Page – XM21 Christmas Must-haves

must-haves for Christmas 2021


candelabra vintage flowers

A beautifully ornate feature piece for the tablecentre or sideboard and not just for Christmas. An exquisite detailed floral and foliage design around two candle holders.


clip on vintage glass vase set

Mini glass vases you can clip on to sturdy everlasting branches or natural displays. Once clipped on, they will stay upright so you can even fill them with water

greenhouse mini bauble

A great gift for the gardener in your life and a novelty decoration for the tree. Our Greenhouse Mini Bauble is made from glass with intricate handpainted detail


wee willie winkie candlestick holder

A contemporary design of the Wee Willie Winkie candle holder. A feature piece wherever you choose to place it.

vintage lantern

A traditional looking iron lantern with a glass chamber. This is lovely on the doorstep to welcome in guests, or by a window, with the secondary reflection of the light of the candle on glass


micro LED hanging globe

The warm white LEDs in this globe are reminiscent of the night sky, above and beyond where you might want to hang this, given our Hanging Globe is specifically for outdoor use. 

solar ammi majus stems

Daintier than our Solar Hogweed Stem and exclusive to Sarah Raven, the Solar Ammi Majus Branch has 4 stems coming off the main branch, each with 10 LEDs.