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Enjoy wrapping presents for friends and family with our favourite papers, ribbons and labels.
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  1. Tissue Paper


    Available as sweet pea, winter greens & blues

  2. Waxed Waterproof Tissue Paper


    Available as acid green, jewel, marrakech, purple, sugared almond

  3. Coloured Luggage Labels

    Starting at £2.95

    Available as traditional, bright

  4. Extra-long Roll of Kraft Paper


    Available as antiqued silver, burnished gold

  5. Extra-long Wrapping Ribbon


    Available as cranberry, navy, turquoise

  6. Jute Twist Tie


    Available as 4.5m

  7. Patterned Tissue Paper


    Available as vintage, winter frost

  8. Sarah Raven Gift Box

    Starting at £5.50

    Available as medium, large

  9. Sarah Raven Paper Bags


    Available as pack of 10

  10. Casablanca Gift Wrap


    Available as set of 3

  11. Crepe Paper


    Available as aubergine, burgundy, green

  12. Golden Sparkle Baker's Twine


    Available as cranberry, green

  13. Velvet Ribbon


    Available as brown, christmas green, cranberry, orange, purple, sage, teal

  14. Ziggy Gift Wrap


    Available as set of 3

  15. Currently unavailable
    Cellophane Sheets
    Cellophane Sheets


  16. Currently unavailable
    Sarah Raven Hessian Sack
    Sarah Raven Hessian Sack