Floristry Kit

Floristry Kit

Our best floristry kit to help you create wonderful arrangements from your own home-grown cut flowers.
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    Wire Wreath Frame

    Circular and star-shaped metal wire frames to decorate and hang lights, a leafy garland or both. Set includes one each of Small, Medium and Large (Dia.30cm, 40cm and 50cm) and hanging hooks. Choose from bronze or black.

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    Wobbly Bottle Vase

    This looks as good empty as it does with flowers. Choose a single, dramatic dahlia or chrysanth for this. H. 18cm, Dia. 16cm Please note: We would advise that you rinse these carefully by hand with water and if necessary a mild detergent. Please do not soak, or use harsh cleaners. They are not…

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    Florist Reel Wire

    Essential kit for making wreaths and for flower arranging. Use it to wire-in decorations to your creations, from dried fruits and chillis to baubles and lights. 100g of 0.56mm wire L. 50m

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    Florist's Tac

    Florist's Tac is like invaluable waterproof blue tack. Use it to attach your flower grids to any bowl or your pinholders to any vase. You could also do as the picture suggests and create a stylish display by sticking foliage to the outside of a vase. An essential piece of flower grower's kit. 1…

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    Make Your Own Wreath Kit

    Make a beautiful wreath for the front door and create lovely flower arrangements. Here's everything you need to create this wreath at home. Set includes: Full ingredients shopping list and instructions Bag of sphagnum moss Clips to cover the back with plastic (for a shiny, painted door) Reel and…

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    Sphagnum Moss

    Enough to create one large wreath, or decorate our tealight chandelier. Each bag contains sufficient moss to line 3 x 35 cm (14-inch) or 2 x 40 cm (16-inch) hanging baskets.