Floristry Kit

Floristry Kit

Our best floristry kit to help you create wonderful arrangements from your own home-grown cut flowers.
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    Waxed Waterproof Tissue Paper

    Brilliant sheets of waxed, waterproof tissue paper. Use these to wrap up your home-grown cut flowers to give to friends. Choose from our best-selling single colour sets or multicoloured collections. The Acid-green Set contains 20 sheets of acid-green The Purple Set contains 20 sheets of purple The…

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    Colourful Raffia

    Use this for your hand-tied bunches of flowers, or to wrap presents. Choose from: Turquoise, Purple, Natural, Red, Lime Green, Orange, Bright Green, Pink, Forest Green. Each strand within a hank is approx 1m long.

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    Deadhead Snippers

    These jolly deadheads (mini snips) are super handy. One quick pinch and that's it, you'll deadhead your flowers in a second, leaving a nice clean cut without the raggedy edges that can attract diseases and pests. I also keep a pair by the kitchen door ready for snipping my herbs. Available in 3…

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    Florist's Scissors

    These are the best ever florist's scissors for cutting flowers. We all use these everyday at Perch Hill. They have fine, sharpen-able blades, stronger than the old pair of kitchen scissors, but much lighter than secateurs yet they can cut wire and woody stems and branches. Length: 17.5cm Colours…

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    Sarah Raven Mini Secateurs Set

    This pair of pocket-sized pruners are ideal for deadheading, cutting back and flower arranging as they easily cut through wire and flower stems. Includes bypass pruners and trimming shears L.15cm Mixed Set (one of each colour)

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    Floral Pinholders

    Use a pinholder in any vase – large or small – and you can half the number of flower stems in your arrangement. With one of these attached to the vase, you're not always trying to fill the hole in the middle. Just put the stems onto the pins to hold them in place. These can be used…

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    Waterproof Light Chain

    For extra glow, add low-energy, super-bright bulbs to your vase. 15 white LEDs Illuminated L.1.4m L. including battery holder 1.8m 2 x AA batteries lasted ove

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    Bottle Top Waterers

    Use old plastic bottles for watering with these tops. The gentle sprinkling is ideal for young seedlings. L.5cm Set of 4 with assorted spouts This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a Sarah Raven gift card. You will be able to add this to your basket once you begin…

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    Crepe Paper

    Crepe paper makes a great alternative to ordinary wrap for your presents, tied up with ribbon or string. Choose from: Olive, Claret or Aubergine. L.2m, W.51cm

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    Glass Ribbed Vase

    A pretty and versatile vase made from recycled glass. H.21cm, W.12cm 100% recycled glass

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    Invisible Wreath Hanger

    Clear wreath hanger with suction clamp, holds up to 5.4kg. For indoor and outdoor use. Instructions: Clean non-porous surface to remove any dirt, oil or grease, ensure surface is dry. Lift hook-lever and position suction cup flat to the surface. Press lever down to lock in place.

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    Jade Ginger Jar Vases

    A set of two elegant clay jar vases with a jade glazed finish. Ideal for dried or faux flower and branch arrangements and equally nice empty. For real flower arrangements, we recommend placing a glass inside the jar to prevent any moisture seeping through the clay. Set of 2, Large (H.27cm, Dia.…

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    Knife and Scissor Sharpener

    Keep scissors and knives super-sharp with this easy to use tool. It has two slots for sharpening all types of non-serrated edged knives, pen knives and scissors as well as a grind stone for extra sharpness. It really works! Length: 22cm Wipe clean only. To use, draw the knife / scissor blade…

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    Rattan Wreath

    These rattan wreaths are pretty as they are, or can be used as a base to add festive foliage and lights. Choose from Natural or White. Large - Dia.50cm Medium - Dia.40cm Please note that delivery is not available to the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland at this time. For more information please…

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    Sarah Raven Ergo Pruners

    A neat pruner for snipping and deadheading. The ergonomic handles incorporate a support pillar for extra control when cutting. L.15cm. By ordering this product you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used appropriately and responsibly. Caring for your tools:

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    Sarah Raven Ergo Snips

    Brilliant snips which sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, are easy to use and really sharp. Use them for deadheading, pruning and snipping. L.17cm By ordering this product you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used appropriately and responsibly.

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    Sarah Raven Giant Flower Press

    We've been on the lookout for a large flower press and here it is. Create your own artwork from your homegrown flowers and put it in frames or add to homemade cards. Made for us in the UK. Full instructions included. L.36cm, W.28cm

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    Tissue Paper

    These are by far the nicest tissue paper colours for wrapping up gifts. Choose from: Sweet Pea - Includes Boysenberry, Iris, Lavender and Pansy. Winter Greens - Includes Citrus Green, Fiesta Blue, Hunter and Teal. 40 sheets per pack, 10 of each colour.

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    Urn Vase

    This is fast becoming my go-to vase for dahlias and chrysanths. It’s brilliant for its size and shape, and the colours go with almost everything. H. 24cm, Dia. 16cm Please note: We would advise that you rinse these carefully by hand with water and if necessary a mild detergent. Please do not…

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    Vase Cleaning Beads

    A brilliant way to clean vases and awkward shaped bottles without the need for harsh chemicals. Designed for cleaning decanters and they are ideal for narrow necked bottles and vases that a brush finds hard to clean. Just swirl the copper beads round the inside of the vessel with a little water -…

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    Willow Trugs

    I use mine for harvesting in the garden and for storing veg in the kitchen. These are made from strong and durable unpeeled willow.Choose from: Medium (L.47cm H.30cm) or Large (L.56cm H.35cm)Please note: Colours and shapes vary as it is a natural product.