How to redeem an offer code

Please note, these instructions detail how to redeem an offer code on your order. If you wish to redeem a gift voucher instead, please click here for instructions. A gift voucher code will look something like this: XXX-XX1-X1XXX-XXXXX.

To redeem an offer code against your order ...

  1. When you have finished shopping, view your basket page. You will see a summary of the products (and options) you have chosen, the sub-total, P&P charge and the total payable for your order.
  2. Below the total, you will see a box labelled Have an offer code?. Enter your offer code exactly how it appears on your voucher / email / leaflet / etc (eg AT14B1). Click Submit.
  3. Once the page reloads, check your order is now what you expect. You should see a green bar near the top of the page, explaining the code has been applied to your order. You will also see a box under the total giving more details about the offer.
  4. If you are happy your basket is correct, please click Proceed to secure checkout and complete your purchase as normal.
  5. If your offer code does not look like it has been applied correctly, please see our troubleshooting guide below.


If you are shown a grey bar that explains your code is not valid, please read the terms and conditions that came with your code and check the following:

  1. Did you type the code correctly? If you've misspelled your code, please try again using the instructions above (codes are not case sensitive).
  2. Is the offer still valid? We always give an end date with our codes, so please check this date hasn't passed.
  3. Is the offer only valid once per customer? You may have already used the code on a past order. If an offer applies correctly but then is removed after you log in, this is likely to be the reason.

If you are shown a green bar that explains your code has been applied, but you don't think it has worked correctly, please read the terms and conditions that came with your code and check the following:

  1. Is there a minimum spend? Please check the terms and conditions of your offer, as sometimes they are only valid if you spend over a certain amount (eg 10% off when you spend £20). If you add more items to your basket to reach the minimum spend, you should find the offer is then applied without you needing to enter the code again.
  2. Does the offer apply to only certain items? We may run an offer that is only valid if you purchase a certain item or type of item (eg free P&P when you buy tulips). Please check your basket contains the required items. You can add additional items to your basket, so long as the original offer terms are met.
  3. Are the items in your basket on sale? Our offers are usually only valid on full-priced items. An offer will not be applied to any item that is currently on our sale page.
  4. Are the items in your basket under a different offer? Sometimes we may run special offers on certain products, which are applied automatically and don't require you to input a code (eg 11 packs of seed for the price of 10). You may find other offer codes are not valid on an item that has already been discounted.
  5. Has another discount already been applied? Only one offer code may be redeemed per order. If you have already entered your offer code but then change your mind and choose to use another, please check under the Total for your order – you should see a box which shows the discount that is currently applied. Click Remove Discount, then enter your new offer code as above.
  6. Are you ordering from overseas? We regret that our Free P&P offers can only be applied to UK mainland addresses. We also cannot send live bulbs or plants overseas, so our free bulb or plant offers are also only valid on orders sent within the UK. 

If you are still having problems applying your offer code, please get in touch with our Customer Services team for help completing your order. Please note we are unable to apply an offer code to an order that has already been placed.

Please also read our full terms and conditions for redeeming an offer code.