Why you should deadhead your sweet peas


It is very important to pick or deadhead your sweet peas.  We haven't picked from this teepee which has got the beautiful King Edward VII on it and it has quite short stems, one tends to just leave them but how I pick it is right down towards the bottom and I deadhead at the same time. 

It is essential that you do this regularly to your sweet peas, if you’re not picking from them then you need to deadhead them.   What I always say is the ‘generous gardener always has the most flowers’, and so if you’re not getting to your sweet peas you may have a neighbour or a friend who’s not growing sweet peas, and say to them ‘why don’t you go and pick all the sweet peas and as you’re doing it to possibly remove any seed pods that you see?’  And then, the plants will go on flowering much better.

Happy gardening,


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