Allium collection | why Sarah loves this

Watch as Sarah shares why she loves this brilliant and very perennial allium pairing, which was one of the first combinations planted in the oast garden at Perch Hill

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This combination of alliums is one of the first things that I planted at Perch Hill in the garden which is the oast garden here, and I dug out some of the clay from here and put in loads of grit and then planted these two alliums.

One is called just straight ‘hollandicum’ which is the mauvy one – like that.

And one is ‘Purple Sensation’ which is actually a cultivar of hollandicum which is the deeper purple and so from just a 50 or 100 bulbs I can’t quite remember that I’ve put in this whole garden, there are now maybe a thousand or more and they have just completely naturalised and I just love them every May they are just absolutely fantastic, and the pairing is perfect.