Sizzling Summer Colour in the Garden

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Summer is the season of unrestrained colour in the garden; hot colours such as reds and oranges and intense pinks clamour to create a spectacular display. The images here were taken on an afternoon stroll in Sparrow Nest’s Gardens, our local public garden which I have written about here before. My own garden has a more subtle palette of pinks and purples with lots of foliage, but who could not be drawn to these rich, warm colours of summer-blooming flowers?

This is Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, a clump-forming perennial which, as its name rightly suggests, has fiery red blooms on arching spikes and long green foliage. I do have this in my own garden, although it is yet to flower. For now, I am enjoying the slender green leaves which sway gently in a breeze creating movement through the flower beds.

This is Fuchsia ‘Riccartonii’, a tall hardy shrub which has elegant deep pink, single bell-shaped flowers. To create bushier plants, a top tip is to prune when young by pinching out the leading shoot at the top of the plant once it has three sets of leaves. This will result in several side shoots developing which should also be pinched out when they have three sets of leaves.

This is Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’, a coppery-orange summer perennial which will produce a flamboyant display right through until mid-autumn and fills the garden with fresh, sun-washed colour.

What flowers are bringing sizzling summer colour to your garden? Do share your favourites!

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