Perfect for pots collection | why Sarah loves this

Watch as Sarah shares why she loves this brilliant and successional combination of tulips

This is our Perfect for Pots Tulip Collection and it was one of the first that I actually planted in a bulb lasagne. I’ve done another film on that so I’m not going to explain that but with these three varieties, they work so well together because you’ve got the lovely richness of ‘Jan Reus’ which is port wine red. Then you’ve got a sort of similar tone but slightly purplier of ‘Ronaldo’ and they both tie into the flashing on the outside of ‘Flaming Spring Green’. And that is what it sounds, which is spring green with a flame in it. They’re all very long lasting and really nicely they, all three, do well in dappled shade so they’re perfect as a pot for really bringing lightness into a dark patch in your garden.

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