How to plant and grow strawberries

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Grow these in the border, in pots, in the veg patch or on the allotment.  They are easy to grow and after a smaller first crop will provide abundant fruit for at least three years.  

When you receive your plants

  • Upon receiving your bare root strawberry plants immerse in a bucket of warm water and soak for 20 minutes so the roots can rehydrate.

How to plant out your strawberry plants

  • Choose a sunny, sheltered spot and dig in plenty of compost or well rotted manure and plant your strawberries 45cm apart with 75cm between each row.
  • Dig your planting holes to the same depth as the lengths of the roots and twice as wide. Spread the root out in the hole and refill the hole with soil, keeping the crown of the plant where shoots will emerge at soil level. 
  • Water after planting and mulch with straw or bark to help preserve moisture or alternatively, they may also be planted through sheets of polythene which will help smother weeds, retain soil moisture and encourage early cropping by warming the soil. 
  • Flowers may need protecting from frosts in spring. Pinch out runners as they appear if new plants are not required.
  • Strawberries require regular watering throughout the growing season and ripening fruits can be netted against pests.

Growing strawberries in hanging baskets or container pots

  • Plant in hanging baskets, growbags, pots etc using a good multipurpose compost. 

  • Ensure they are kept watered and fed, especially in hot dry spells and cover with net once fruit starts to ripen.

  • Strawberries in containers can also be grown in an unheated greenhouse, which encourages an even earlier crop.

Harvesting your strawberries

  • Harvest May to July, when fully ripe complete with stalks and use at once for best flavour.
  • Once the crop has been picked. Cut out old foliage from plants taking care not to damage young leaves. Clear away straw, foliage and debris from around the plants to reduce opportunities for pests and diseases to take hold and feed with a balanced fertilizer.