How to create a spring wreath

Make the most of the early spring flowers foliage and follow these simple steps, using a handmade twisted birch ring and abundant seasonal foliage and flowers


step 1.

Use hazel branches to weave a simple circular shape. Secure at the ends with wire or natural jute string


step 2.

Gather at least 3 different foliages and 3 different flowers. Here Sarah is using Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue', Hazel catkins, Sarcococca and Euphorbia for foliage and various colours of Hellebores and plenty of Snowdrops. For added texture, Sarah has also picked some lichen branches


step 2.

Bundle together small bunches of foliage and tie together. Slot them in the gaps of the woven birch until all you can see is foliage. Wear gloves is working with Euphorbia


step 4.

Now it's time to add the flowers. The hellebores have been lying in a shallow bowl of water overnight and the snowdrops have been seared in boiling hot water (only for a few seconds) before being plunged into lots of cold water.


step 4.

Slot the flowers in all around the wreath. This combination of the foliage and the woven birch will make a great support so it will all hold together well.


step 5.

Ta-Da! Top-tip for longer lasting Hellebores: Pick ones that have been in flower for longer, and ideally have gone to seed.

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