Autumn elegance in the garden

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Autumn is my favourite season, so when planting my small garden back in the spring, I was mindful of choosing some plants that would inject colour and texture into areas that I knew would hold little interest at this time of year. Some perennials such as Aster, Chrysanthemum, Crocosmia, Cyclamen and Saxifraga fortunei will produce vibrant flowers until the first hard frost and look great in autumnal borders.

Perennials in the Garden

After the dazzling displays of summer, this can be a forgotten season in some gardens. Yet there are many plants that are at their best at this time of year, certain grasses and late performing perennials such as Sedum, Aster, Salvia and Verbena look elegant set against the autumnal hues created by deciduous trees and shrubs.

Perennials in the garden

Perennials in the Garden

As the days shorten, colour and interest in the garden come from new sources; the leaves of some plants take on fiery tints and fruits and seed heads replace many flowers. Shrubs such as Pyracantha produce dark orange berries in autumn and persist well into winter. The leaves provide a stunning dark green glossy backdrop.

Autumn plants - Pyracantha

Some summer-flowering perennials such as Allium and many grasses produce attractive seed heads that last well into winter too. I think they look particularly striking in the sloping autumn light, decorated with cobwebs, and later, frost. Many trees and shrubs produce handsome, long-lasting fruits at this time of year too, such as the ruby red hips from the rose.

As a final thought, I always find that a pot of bedding Cyclamen (which often prove surprisingly hardy in a sheltered position) can fill a gap in a border or brighten up a wall or windowsill at this time of year.

Enjoy your autumn garden! Thanks for reading,