Veg & Fruit Plant Collections

Veg & Fruit Plant Collections

Exclusive plant collections designed
by Sarah and trialled in her
garden at Perch Hill.
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  1. Beetroot Collection

    Starting at £12.95

    Available as seeds, seedlings

  2. Grow Your Own Superfood Collection


  3. Mint Collection


  4. Multi-coloured Courgette Collection


    Available as seeds, seedlings

  5. Raspberry Collection


  6. Rhubarb Collection


  7. Salad Bowl Collection


  8. Sarah Raven Salad Collection


  9. Sarah's Container Potato Collection


  10. Sarah's Favourite Early-Mid Season Potato Collection


  11. Strawberry Collection


  12. Tarragon and Sage Collection


  13. Tomato and Basil Plant Collection


  14. Currently unavailable
    Ultimate Raspberry Collection Ultimate Raspberry Collection
    Ultimate Raspberry Collection


Vegetable and Fruit Collections at Sarah Raven

Sarah's favourite vegetable and fruit collections have some of the tastiest and most productive varieties to see you through the year.

We have trialled and tested them at Perch Hill to ensure you get the best.