Fruit Plants

Fruit Plants

Make the most of your garden and grow delicious and nutritious fruit.
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  1. Fig 'Brown Turkey'


    Available as 1 x 2 litre plant

  2. Raspberry Collection


    Available as 10 bare roots

  3. Strawberry Collection


    Available as 15 bare roots

  4. Tomato 'Microcherry'

    Starting at £5.95

    Available as 10 seeds, 5 seedlings

  5. Currently unavailable
    Blueberry 'North Country'
    Blueberry 'North Country'


  6. Currently unavailable
    Early to Late Blackberry Collection
    Early to Late Blackberry Collection


  7. Currently unavailable
    Rhubarb Collection Rhubarb Collection
    Rhubarb Collection


Fruit Plants at Sarah Raven

Home grown fruit tastes different to commercially grown, with a fantastic flavour. From currants and berries, to figs and rhubarb, all have been trialled at Perch Hill.

All of our plants come with full planting instructions too, so you'll have guidance on when and how to plant your chosen varieties.