Fruit Plants

Fruit Plants

Make the most of your garden and grow delicious and nutritious fruit.
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    Blackcurrant 'Ebony'

    An early cropper producing delicious and unbelievably sweet, large fruits. It has good mildew resistance, is self-fertile and very reliable.

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    Blueberry 'Bluedrop'

    A compact form which is ideal for patio growing. It produces fruit throughout the growing season, either as a constant supply or repeat fruiting. The unusual, teardrop-shaped fruits are soft and delicious. Semi-evergreen and self-fertile, it produces stunning red leaf shoots in spring with red,…

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    Blueberry 'North Country'

    If you don’t have acid soil, but love blueberries, then this is perfect, as it’s suited to container growing. It’s a compact, mound-forming variety with pretty white flowers in the spring and beautiful autumnal foliage from October.

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    Early to Late Blackberry Collection

    Two blackberries to grow over a fence or shed, or to decorate an existing hedge for a delicious harvest. These will crop in succession to give you fruit through most of summer and autumn. This collection contains 1 plant each of: Blackberry 'Loch Ness' (early)

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    Gooseberry 'Hinnonmaki Red'

    The large, grape-like berries are delicious, sweet enough to eat raw. With good mildew resistance, this garden favourite reliably produces fruit even in poor soil and shady spots.

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    Redcurrant 'Junifer'

    This redcurrant crops earlier and heavier than most so is invaluable for that. It crops on both one-year and two-year-old wood, giving good yields straight after planting.

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    Rhubarb Collection

    Rhubarb is an invaluable crop, providing fantastic puddings at the leanest times of year. If you grow the right succession of varieties, which is exactly what you get with this collection, you can pick it from the garden from March until August. As the last of the pears and apples get eaten,…

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    Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite'

    A very reliable variety which grows in almost any soil, is low maintenance and so excellent for beginners.

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    Strawberry Collection

    Strawberries are easy to grow in a variety of situations, and home-grown always seem to have the best flavour. These will fruit this year, and for many years after that. This collection contains 5 bare roots each of: Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite' – a very reliable mid-season strawberry…

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    Ultimate Currant Collection

    The ultimate, super healthy currant collection to provide jewels for any pudding plate. All heavy cropping, self-fertile and with good disease resistance. This collection will set you up for many years to come. This collection contains 1 x 3 litre pot each of: Blackcurrant 'Ebony'

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    Whitecurrant 'Versailles Blanche'

    A heavy cropping, self-fertile variety producing masses of large, shiny, soft pale yellow berries in long heavy trusses during mid to late summer. Whitecurrants are sweeter and less acidic than redcurrants and can be eaten straight off the plant as well as cooked or preserved.

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    Fig 'Brown Turkey'

    The best and most reliable fig variety for the British climate. This will produce lots of delicious fruit with a sugary rich red flesh. It will be happiest planted against a south facing wall or fence. You should try growing it in a large pot or tub, to help contain the root, restrict the size of…

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    Raspberry Collection

    Most commercial raspberries are now grown under plastic – the weather risks are less – and picked partially ripe so they travel better and have a longer shelf life. Enjoy growing your own outdoors for a deeper colour, flavour and greater nutrition. You'll see immediately that the fruit…

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    Rhubarb 'Champagne'

    A reliable and easy heritage variety that’s one of the earliest to fruit and excellent for forcing. It’s deliciously sweet, lovely in puddings and for cordials.

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    Strawberry 'Florence'

    A disease-resistant variety which is reliable but not too vigorous so won't take over. It produces firm and tasty, orange-red berries.

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    Strawberry 'Honeoye'

    An exceptionally hardy strawberry plant which fruits early, and provides consistent, heavy crops.

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    Tomato 'Micro Cherry'

    Mini, very tasty tomatoes which crop heathily for a couple of months. Sweet tangy bursts with thin skins. This is a bush-type variety ideal for a large container in a sunny spot, inside or out.

Fruit Plants at Sarah Raven

Home grown fruit tastes different to commercially grown, with a fantastic flavour. From currants and berries, to figs and rhubarb, all have been trialled at Perch Hill.

All of our plants come with full planting instructions too, so you'll have guidance on when and how to plant your chosen varieties.