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Toffee Apple Collection


6 packets of seed

30 seedlings

For every 5 seed packets you buy, we'll send the cheapest one FREE

Offer applies to each multiple of 5 – buy 10 packets and get cheapest two free. Terms and conditions apply.


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Flowers/ Harvest


Cutting Garden
Broad Tolerance
July - October
Moist but Well-drained
Full Sun


There are some moments as a gardener when you suddenly see a collection of flowers and colours that you know were made to be together. This is just one of those. This lot were planted together last year in our Dutch Yard and we all adored their very long-lasting soft caramel colours, shapes and forms.

This collection contains 1 seed packet, or 5 seedlings each of:

Care Tips

Sow seed indoors in spring with some warmth. Plant should be kept in a frost free place until they can be hardened off and planted outside when all danger of frost has passed. NB zinnias hate disturbance and cold nights so do not sow too early.